The kitchen is another great place to focus your spring cleaning energies. Because most pests are after food and our kitchens are full of it, this is a place that must be cleaned and pest proofed. Throw on your washing gloves and prepare for a major overhaul of the kitchen!

Pull out the stove, refrigerator and other appliances and give them a good scrubbing. This will remove any built up grease and take care of food debris. Also, go ahead and empty your cupboards and pantry and give them a good wipe down. This will not only remove any crumbs but you will be able to check your shelf food for any signs of pantry pests or other critters that may be trying to steal some snacks. Be sure that any food that is open is stored in containers with tight fitting lids so that you don’t find a bug in your next bowl of cereal or snack.